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Founded in 2010, AACI has been working in close collaboration with a diverse range of social, business, and cultural entities in Asturias.  Our members participate in projects related to communication, training, interculturality, mobility, personal skills and human relations.


The members of the Asturian Association for International Cooperation have been collaborating for more than a decade in European projects based on international-cooperation.  AACI members have worked under the umbrella of Community initiatives such as the Leonardo Da Vinci, Grundtvig and Erasmus+.  Our members have participated in programmes with national, regional and local institutions and organisations from European countries such as Romania, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland and Turkey, among others.


The partners in the different projects in which AAIC has collaborated originate from such diverse backgrounds as universities, scientific institutes, vocational and professional training centres, municipalities and regional governments, chambers of commerce and other cultural, educational, and business institutions.

What we are doing now...

Circle 2

Building on the experience of its members in previous European projects over the last decade, namely and foremost within the areas of sustainability and circular economy, AACI is currently working in partnership in the CIRCLE 2 project (Vocational Training and SMEs on the Road to Circular Economy) focused on the development of training tools in the areas of Tourism, Hospitality, Transport and Agriculture. 

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